Q. I can access the Lobby but I cannot join the Live Sessions, nor see the E-posters, nor the On Demand Courses and Sessions.
A. These Sessions are reserved to participants who logged in with the access code. Please check if you have logged in correctly by clicking on the LOGIN button on the top right of the platform. The Access code was sent to all registered participants, if you registered but did not receive the access code please contact registrationEGS@oic.it.

Q. How do I know if I am correctly logged in?
A. If you have logged in you will see your initials (or picture if you have uploaded it) in the top bar of the platform. Only logged in participants will be able to view all the contents of the congress.

Q. Where can I found a Video Tutorial to learn how to navigate on the platform?
A. We have prepared a short video tutorial to help you navigate the platform. You will find it as soon as you log into the platform, click on the button USEFUL INFO, located on the right top bar.

Q. Which time zone do the indicated schedule in the programme refer to?
A. The live streaming programme is scheduled in CET (Central European Time - Rome) if you need to convert it in your local time zone, check this link

Q. I forgot my Access code, how can I get it again?
A. Connect to the virtual platform by clicking on the EGS2020 website, LOGIN and click on Forgot your code? – Your code will be sent again to the email address you used to register.
If you are experiencing any technical issue accessing the platform, please contact the Help Desk by email: egs@sharevent.app or mobile/WApp: +39 335 8792342.

Q. Where do I get a full downloadable and printable Programme?
A. You can already find it in your Virtual Bag, located in your profile.

Q. Where do I get a full downloadable and printable Abstract Book?
A. You can already find it in your Virtual Bag, located in your profile.

Q. What if I want to look for a particular speaker’s talk or a specific session/poster?
A. For speakers and sessions, you can use the ‘Search’ function inside the programme (in the top right menu). To look for a poster, you need to enter the poster area and use the ‘Search’ function from there.

Q. Where can I find information regarding NGP programme?
A. Inside the EGS Booth in the Exhibition Hall, you will find lots of information regarding the Next Generation Partnership programme, as well as the NGP member list, and a chat to ask any detailed information.

Q. Will it be possible to watch the Live Sessions the on-demand Courses, the Industry Symposia I have missed during the days of the virtual event?
A. Yes, the virtual platform will be accessible for registered participants till 15 March 2021.

Q. How do I get my Certificate of Attendance?
A: In order to get Your «Certificate of Attendance», You will have to enter the virtual platform, using your personal Access Code to login, click on the Certificate of Attendance button in the Lobby, fill in the Survey first, at the end You will find your certificate of attendance uploaded in this platform in your personal area.
Please note that The Survey is available on the platform until 15 March 2021. 

Q. How do I get the EGS Guidelines?
A: In order to get Your downloadable copy of the EGS Guidelines You will have to enter the virtual platform from 13 December, using your personal Access Code to login, click on the Certificate of Attendance button in the Lobby, fill in the Survey first. Once you have completed the Survey we will send the EGS Guidelines to Your email address after 16 March 2021.
Please note that The Survey is available until 15 March 2021.

Q. Why do I have to fill the Survey?
A. Filling the Survey is compulsory to get your Certificate of Attendance and your downloadable copy of the EGS Guidelines.
Your opinion counts - EGS will reward You for Your precious support. By filling in the Survey You may win one of three free delegate registrations to the 15th EGS Congress, that will take place in Athens 4-7 June 2022. Please note that The Survey is available until 11 January 2021.

Q. How many CME credits have been assigned?
A. The 14th European Glaucoma Society Congress is designated for up to 9 hours of European external CME credits. Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity (5 credits on 12/12 and 4 credits on 13/12).

Q. How can I get the CME certificate?
A. Complete the CME questionnaire, which will be available on the Congress website, at the end of the Congress, from 14 December 00:01 to 3 January 2021.
Please note that your personal Access Code is necessary to access the CME questionnaire, you will receive the certificate by email once your participation to the sessions has been checked.

Q. How can I leave a feedback about the event during the Congress?
A. Click on the button “Congress Feedback” in the Lobby and feel free to leave any candid message. Alternatively, you can chat with the Congress organizer inside the OIC Group booth.

Q. I want to participate in a poll, do I have to exit the live streaming?
A. No, once the poll is submitted, the question and answers will be visible next to the live streaming. If you are watching the event in full screen view, the platform will automatically switch and the question with possible answers to choose will be highlighted on the right hand side of your screen.

Q. I am not an EGS Member, may I attend the General Assebly?
A. No, the General Assembly is reserved to EGS Members only, both Extra-ordinary Members and Ordinary Members, these latest are the only ones with the right to vote.

Q. What is the Session called EGS Showcase?
A. Do not miss these new highly interactive and amusing sessions, which will be broadcasted in the Plenary Auditorium, focused on educational videos, guidelines, lasers, medical treatment, MCQs.
Take the chance to win one of the prizes that will be assigned to those who will get the highest score replying correctly to the polls.

Q. Why was I asked to sign a Privacy consent entering the platform?
A. The EGS platform is fully GDPR compliant. Please note that your access will be traced for statistical purposes, and that your data will be utilized following the options stated in the privacy section upon accessing the platform.